Field Service and Maintenance

Our Technical Service department provides many services, which include Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, Field Balancing and Predictive  and Preventative Maintenance.

Field Electro-Mechanical Services

We work on a wide variety of equipment from small to very large motors. pumps, controls and all types of electro-mechanical equipment.

We hold both an L11 license for industrial electrical work and an A17 License for high voltage and power transmission repairs.

Our licensed and skilled service crew can handle all of your Boom Truck service needs.

We specialize in repair of electrical equipment in vaults and other confined spaces.

When removal is not an option, we can recondition equipment on-site.

Retrofit pump station to variable frequency drive controls.

We provide complete service for pumping and controls on all types of water features.

Our highly qualified service technicians are on call for service, including emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide Technical Services including Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis, Predictive/Preventative Maintenance, Laser Alignment and Field Balancing.

Predictive Maintenance monitors equipment to find bearing degradation before failure occurs.

On-site laser alignment keeps equipment in peak operating condition.

Using Infrared Thermography we can reveal abnormalities in electrical equipment, which are usually caused by loose, defective or failing components.

We provide all types of welding and fabricating, either in house or on-site.

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