Customized Pump Systems

Foster Electric/Arizona Pump provides complete service for any of your pumping needs, including irrigation stations, sewage lift stations, water cooling towers stations, and chemical processing pumps.

We are a full-service facility capable of completing your repairs from start to finish: confined space entry, boom truck service for removal and installation, electro-mechanical repairs, machine work, parts replacement, electrical controls, and laser alignment.

on-site pump repair


Our professional staff can design a system that meets your exact requirements. Whether it is a new installation, a replacement or a retrofit, together with your input, we can personalize a system that is efficient and accurate. This approach provides you with the best value for your dollar, as you will only pay for the components you need in your system and nothing additional that you would never use.

All Applications

Whatever your application may be, we are able to specifically size the equipment and design the controls to suit your needs. We are able to meet your current requirements, while anticipating your future needs.

New Installation

We are able to design a new pumping system that is specifically sized to meet your exact performance requirements at the best possible price. Our design staff bases their equipment selection on engineering principles, quality materials, efficiency, operating simplicity, life expectancy, and cost. Our product is backed with a satisfaction guarantee.


If keeping your old equipment is the best option for you, a system retrofit can save you money by utilizing your existing system. Not only will you save money over a new installation, you will cut your energy usage by 15%-40% and substantially lower maintenance costs.

Energy Efficient

Sometimes, less is more. Many pumping systems out-perform their demand and as a result the user pays unnecessary energy costs. Matching exact pumping requirements with the most efficient equipment and controls yields both maintenance and energy savings.


We will create a system that can meet all of your pumping requirements but is still simple to use. Some pump system designs are complicated and difficult to operate, while our system is designed in such a way that we can train your personnel to run it with ease.

Reliable Local Service

Because we are local, we are able to promise quick, reliable service. We are also on call around the clock for any 24-hour emergency service needs. If you are not local, we will make provisions to handle your service needs with the same level of expertise and care experienced by our local customers.

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