Laser Alignment

Precision alignment of large rotating equipment or web production equipment is a critical factor in their maintenance.  Alignment, using optical of laser methodology--depending on the specific requirements–extends the life of machinery and markedly improves product quality.  Alignment often allows for increased machine speeds, as well as reduced waste and downtime.

The best datum for aligning production equipment is a centerline reference.  The design of a machine and its structural supports must be considered when determining the correct type of reference–an offset baseline or a cross-machine baseline.  Creating a universal datum for and entire machine provides the flexibility needed for complete alignment maintenance program.  It also increases accuracy and repeatability as well as improving the speed of alignment inspections.

Equipment alignment addresses a wide variety of product problems such as poor web tracking, web breaks, baggy edges, decreased trim width, uneven caliper and static electricity, among many others.

Accurate alignment of equipment helps solve machine problems such as decreased running speed, bearing and coupling failures, roll cover damage, and improper nip impression.

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