Our extensive repair shop is equipped to handle a wide variety of needs including AC and DC motor repair, random, form and specialty winding, gear motors, engine generators, transformers, pump rebuilding and much more.

We also maintain a complete machine shop to ensure continuity of service, quality control and timely repairs.

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Machine Shop

With our comprehensive machine shop, we can ensure that any machining and fabrication needs can be met in-house, which saves our customers time and money.

Great care is taken when disassembling equipment to record important data and track parts distributed throughout our facility, so that the equipment can be reassembled efficiently.

Stator Rewinding

The rewinding process requires the use of original winding characteristics. Using our computerized program, we make sure that the original specifications are met or exceeded.

Tolerances are measured to determine what machine work needs to be performed. Precise execution in the measurement process helps ensure that your equipment will run properly when reassembled.


Final testing of equipment is crucial. A series of final tests is performed to confirm that the equipment meets manufacturer's specifications.

It is often necessary to custom machine a part when a replacement part is not available.

Precision machining capabilities are critical to smooth running equipment.

In-House Machine Shop Services

Often times a pump will require machine work to make the shaft straight and true, which is required for it to run smoothly. After sandblasting and cleanup, the pump is coated with quality epoxy material to prevent corrosion.

Metalizing is sometimes necessary to restore equipment to its original tolerances.

Proper balance is critical to the continued performance of any piece of rotating equipment.

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